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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

The potential of feathers is being UNLOCKED!

The objective of the UNLOCK project is to design and demonstrate economically and environmentally sustainable supply-chains for a feather-based bioeconomy which will generate innovative functional materials for agricultural applications.

Fig. 01. Plantation of broccoli using UNLOCK materials: mulch films and geotextiles.


Sustainable keratin-based end-products such as forest and seed trays, mulch films, hydroponic foams and nonwoven geotextiles are being developed with the aim of providing biodegradable alternatives to replace fossil-based products in agriculture.

Now, ANECOOP, a Spanish agricultural cooperative and member of the UNLOCK Advisory Board is going to test in the field the performance of mulch films and geotextiles developed in the project and containing feathers. To do so, they have planted broccoli on their test plots in Valencia. The results will be compared with those obtained in the laboratory under soil biodegradation conditions.

To learn more about the use of feathers to boost circular bioeconomy and replace fossil-based products in agriculture check: UNLOCK | Releasing the potential of feathers for circularity in agriculture (