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Friday, 15 March 2024

UNIMOS Hosts First Workshop for Pan-European Feather Clusters Initiative

On 29.02.2024 in Warsaw, Poland, UNIMOS held the first cross-sectoral workshop for the Pan-European feather clusters initiative. This event introduced the initiative and its aim to foster innovation in the bio-based feather industry, bringing together startups, SMEs, universities, and entrepreneurs.

Professor Krystyna Wrzesińska-Tosik from the Łukasiewicz-Łódź Institute of Technology showcased the UNLOCK project's achievements, highlighting bio-based innovations and circular economy approaches. Additionally, the event showcased synergic projects previously identified through stakeholder mapping, emphasizing the collaborative aim of the initiative.

Moreover, a collaborative session allowed participants to focus on six challenges from the UNLOCK project, discussing solutions, partnerships and commercialization strategies. Commercialisation paths and business-science cooperation models were designed as an added value, and new challenges and business opportunities driven by industry needs were identified.

Further workshops are planned to continue the initiative's momentum and expand the Pan-European feather clusters network. These gatherings are crucial for sharing developments, fostering collaboration, and identifying new opportunities with the bio-based feather industry.

Stay tuned for future updates on this initiative and see pictures from the first workshop below.