UNIMOS Hosts First Workshop for Pan-European Feather Clusters Initiative

On 29.02.2024 in Warsaw, Poland, UNIMOS held the first cross-sectoral workshop for the Pan-European feather clusters initiative. This event introduced the initiative and its aim to foster innovation in the bio-based feather industry, bringing together startups, SMEs, universities, and entrepreneurs. Professor Krystyna Wrzesińska-Tosik from the Łukasiewicz-Łódź Institute of Technology showcased the UNLOCK project’s achievements, highlighting […]

Transforming Feather Waste into Sustainable bio-based products: Farrelly & Mitchell’s Collaborative Role in EU Funded UNLOCK project.

Farrelly & Mitchell, a leader in agribusiness consulting, is pleased to showcase their significant contributions to the European Union-funded UNLOCK project. With extensive experience in sustainable agricultural practices, Farrelly & Mitchell have authored three comprehensive reports offering insights into transforming poultry feather waste into sustainable bio-based products. The reports analyse the industry’s current practices, economic […]

CIDETEC Showcases UNLOCK Project’s Impact at AMI2030 workshop

San Sebastian, November 21, 2023 — The recent AMI2030 workshop, organized by the NATURKLIMA Foundation, focused on sustainable materials to showcase innovative contributions from various stakeholders. CIDETEC participated and represented the sustainable bioplastic solutions from the UNLOCK project.  The workshop, organized by the NATURKLIMA Foundation, brought together industry leaders, researchers, and experts at Naturklima facilities […]

UNLOCK Podcast Update: Second Episode out now featuring Farrelly & Mitchell

We’re pleased to share our new episode of the UNLOCK Project Podcast, hosted by Greenovate! Europe. Our goal is to provide insight into the innovative UNLOCK project and its impact. In this second episode, we interviewed our project partner, Farrelly & Mitchell, to gain a deeper understanding of their collaboration within UNLOCK. Our guest for […]

Introducing the UNLOCK project Podcast: Unlocking the potential of feathers!

We are excited to announce the UNLOCK podcast, – a podcast series that is hosted by Greenovate! Europe and aims to discover the innovative UNLOCK project. The UNLOCK project is funded by Horizon 2020 under the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU). Through the UNLOCK podcast, we aim to explore the untapped potential of poultry feathers. […]

ACUDAM has started trial production of forestry trays and seedbeds with UNLOCK materials

ACUDAM started testing the thermoforming procedures of first UNLOCK project samples. The UNLOCK project focuses on valorizing the enormous amount of waste feathers generated by the European poultry sector. It aims to optimize feather conversion technologies and develops end products for agriculture, which creates a sustainable value chain and also promotes soil health and biodiversity […]

Earth Day 22 April – UNLOCK’s environmental benefits

Tomorrow 22 April will be Earth Day, a time dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices to protect our planet. As we reflect on the impact that human activities have on the Earth, it’s important to consider how we can shift towards more sustainable and circular economic models that minimise waste […]